I start to walk when I was 12 months

4 Aug

I am Billy, right now I am 13 months old. I started to walk when I was 12 months and it was a great experience for me. When my mommy came visited me in June, she tried to help me walk but I still don’t have enough confidence, so I just take a few little step on the grass. Right now, I can chase cats, motorcycles, and also chase other kids… I am a big boy now… :). I wish my mom can see my first walk but she can’t cause she’s been away to study overseas. I also can sing a few song… I like to sing hallelujah song… and I always talk a lot to my mom every night when she call me and then later on she will sing lullaby to me to help me to get to sleep. I started my first hard food also because of my mom… at first, I don’t want to eat anything beside baby instant food, but then I get bored with it… but no one give me a new food that I like… When my mom came.. She force me to eat porridge and then lately but surely I started to like eating hard food. I feel happy because I taste a lot of new taste and my mom happy because I want to eat rice porridge now.


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