Games and Activities: Brain Building

8 Feb

(untuk 6 – 9 bulan)

Name This

Most parents play this baby game with their child at some point. It is a fun baby game that develops your baby’s memory and cognitive abilities. It is a good game to play while your baby is lying down or in a baby seat or exersaucer.

With your baby staring at you, point at your nose and say, “Aidan, what’s this?” (substitute your baby’s name!). Pause then say, “It’s daddy’s nose!” Next ask your baby, “Where’s Aidan’s nose?” Then point to his nose with a smile and say, “There it is!” Continue the game with your ears, eyes, cheeks and tongue.

Eventually, you can ask your baby where your nose is and encourage him to point or grab at it. As your baby learns to talk or sign, you can point to you nose and ask, “What’s this?”
The Disappearing Toy

This is a good baby game for introducing the concept of object permanence to your baby. It also builds your baby’s memory and cognitive skills while being very interactive. You will need one of your baby’s favorite toys and a small sheet or handkerchief.

Sit your baby on the carpet or bed in front of you. Show her the toy and say, “Look, it’s your toy!” Next, cover it with the sheet and ask, “Where did it go?” Pause for few seconds to see if she reaches for it, then uncover the toy and say, “There it is!” You can also hide the toy in one of your hands if it is small enough. Be sure to praise her if she finds it and give her hints otherwise (shake it or give her a glimpse).

Near 8 to 9 months, your baby will start to realize the toy is hidden and reach it. You cannot trick her for long!
Baby Signs
The six month time period is a good time to start doing baby signs with your baby. It helps with your baby’s cognitive abilities and memory – also, believe it or not, signing has been shown to help communication and language development! There are many flash cards, books, and DVDs that cover baby signing exclusively.

Some of the most important signs you can introduce early are “more” (while feeding), “eat”, “bottle time”, and “all done”. You can make up your own signs for each object or action you are introducing. The important part is to be consistent. As you continue to use these, your baby may start signing to you in the next couple of months!

Sink or Float Game
This baby game is typically played in a baby bathtub, but you can also setup a small container filled with water that can be set next you your baby. This game will help develop your baby’s cognitive and problem solving abilities. It will naturally kindle his curiousity as well! You will need a baby tub (or fillable container) as well as several items that sink and several items that float. They should be small enough for you baby to pick up easily.

With your baby in the bathtub (or next to the water filled container), put one of the floating items in the water and say, “Look it floats!” Let your baby observe for a bit. Next put a sinkable item in the water and say, “It sinks!” Again, let your baby observe. Now repeat with the remaining items, alternating between the floaters and sinkers. Afterwards, let her pick and play with the items herself.
As your baby gets older, you can try asking her which items will sink or float – she may surprise you! Safetywise, remember to never leave your baby alone near or in the water.

Peek A Boo Two

We introduced the simple Peek A Boo baby game in the 3 – 6 month games group. This version is more interactive and sure to be more fun for both you and your baby! You will need a small light sheet or pillowcase.

Your baby can be in a seated position or lying down. When you have her attention, put the sheet over your face and say, “Where’s Daddy?” After a second or two, pull the sheet off with a smile and say “Peek A Boo!” or “Here I am!” Now, get within your baby’s reach and repeat – this time, after asking “Where’s Daddy?” let your baby reach and pull the sheet off. Laugh and say “Here I am, you found me!” If your baby is mobile, you can do this from afar and wait for her to come remove the sheet.
You can eventually try draping the sheet over your baby’s eyes and asking, “Where’s Heidi?” When she pulls it off, say, “There she is!” and laugh. While most babies still love this variation, some may become upset. If so, obviously avoid it.

With time, your baby will be able to play the hiding role herself, by pulling the sheet over her face and revealing herself. Remember to never leave the sheet with your baby alone!
Goody Basket
You can create a goody basket around 8 or 9 months to further develop your baby’s dexterity and cognitive abilities. You will need a medium sized basket (wicker works well), plastic bowl or small box. Also assemble different toys, blocks, small articles of clothing, and balls.

Put the items in the basket. Sit your baby on the floor then present him with his goody basket. Let him to take items out of the basket – you may need to encourage him to keep going as he gets distracted with each item. Once they are out, assist him in putting them back in the goody basket. It may take some practice, but he will catch on!


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